Carbel fireplaces and stoves in Mallorca

Tradition and avant-garde in fireplaces and stoves

At Flamogar, we are proud to offer Carbel products to our customers in Palma and all over Mallorca. We know that when you choose Carbel, you are choosing a brand that stands out for its quality, efficiency and design. Carbel has been building an unrivaled reputation in the wood stove and fireplace market for more than six decades. Born in 1957, Carbel combines family tradition with constant innovation to offer practical, efficient and attractive heating solutions.

About Carbel

More than 60 years of excellence in the manufacture of fireplaces and stoves

A lasting commitment to quality and efficiency
Carbel prides itself on its rigorous compliance with European regulations, including EN 16510, ECO DESIGN and STUFE 2 certifications. This commitment is evidenced by the low CO emission levels of its equipment, which are less than 0.1%, and high yields, which exceed 78%.

Innovation and customization
The design and creation of its own models of wood stoves, cassettes and thermo fireplaces distinguishes Carbel in the market. The accumulated experience, manufacturing processes, machinery and materials used allow Carbel to offer efficient and reliable solutions, adapted to the tastes and needs of each customer.

A team of passionate professionals
Carbel’s team, highly specialized in all the tasks it performs, guarantees the optimal and reliable operation of each product. From the reception of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, the care and dedication of these professionals is evident.

Carbel: a brand that stands out in the international market for fireplaces and stoves

Carbel products are distributed in more than 35 countries, reflecting the global reputation and demand for this Valencian brand. This international presence also speaks of the confidence that distributors and end customers have in Carbel.

Manufacturers since 1957
Since its foundation, Carbel has designed and manufactured its own models of fireplaces and stoves. This control over the production process ensures that each product meets Carbel’s high standards.

Certified excellence
All Carbel models comply with all mandatory certifications. This provides customers with the peace of mind of knowing that they are purchasing a product that meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

An unwavering commitment to customers
At Carbel, commitment to customers is fundamental. Whether dealing with distributors or end customers, Carbel strives to provide high quality products and exceptional service.