Gas Maintenance and Inspections in Mallorca

Official and Legal Inspection of Your Gas Systems


At Flamogar, we understand that keeping your gas installations in a safe and efficient condition is not only a matter of convenience but also a legal obligation. Current legislation in Spain requires gas systems to be regularly inspected by certified professionals to prevent accidents and ensure proper operation.

Ebios Fire Line 800 bioethanol fireplace installed as a divider over terrazzo tiles


Premium Maintenance to Ensure Efficiency, Durability, and Safety

At Flamogar, we offer comprehensive maintenance service for your gas fireplaces and stoves. Our team of professional technicians handles everything, from leak checks to component adjustments, to ensure that your equipment operates safely and efficiently. This regular service not only improves the efficiency and performance of your systems but also helps extend their lifespan, providing you with reliable and consistent heat for many years.


Thorough Inspections for Your Peace of Mind

At Flamogar, we understand that the safety of your home is a priority. That’s why we offer an official gas system inspection service in Mallorca. Our experts conduct thorough inspections that comply with all safety standards and regulations. We provide you with a comprehensive and transparent report on the status of your systems and carry out any necessary repairs to ensure their proper operation. By trusting Flamogar for your official inspections, you can rest assured that your gas systems meet all legal requirements and operate optimally for your safety and comfort.

Bedroom with Trimline gas fireplace in Mallorca

Need an Inspection or Maintenance for Your Gas Fireplace or Stove?

Don’t wait any longer. Contact Flamogar, your maintenance and inspection service for gas systems in Mallorca.