Rocal fireplaces and stoves in Mallorca

Innovation and design in home heating

At Flamogar, we are proud to offer our customers Rocal wood and gas stoves and fireplaces. Originally from Catalonia and with more than 30 years of experience, Rocal is recognized for its exceptional quality, innovative design and commitment to sustainability. With a wide range of products manufactured entirely in its factory near Barcelona, Rocal guarantees high quality heating for your home in Mallorca.

About Rocal

Wood and gas heating masters

History and Manufacturing Process
Founded in 1982, Rocal has been creating metal fireplaces, inserts, hearths, barbecues and more for more than three decades, all to provide the comfort and well-being that a wood fire can bring to your home. Each Rocal product is manufactured entirely in its factory located 25km from Barcelona, without intermediaries, ensuring superior quality in all resources and materials.

Quality and Design
Rocal combines the highest manufacturing technology with a handcrafted finish, taking care of every detail to the maximum. Its design, both aesthetic and functional, strives to fit perfectly into its projects, working with designers to keep its products at the forefront of new trends. Every Rocal product is a work of art that beautifies your home, both on and off.

Innovation and Efficiency
Rocal is committed to the constant improvement of its products, incorporating the latest technologies to achieve optimum performance and minimum emission of gases into the environment. This commitment to innovation and efficiency has placed Rocal at the forefront of the forefront, delivering considerable fuel savings.

Warranty and Safety
Rocal is dedicated to creating safe and durable products. Each product is rigorously tested in accordance with European quality standards, ensuring that your fireplaces will have a long life. Rocal relies on professional distributors like Flamogar to ensure a successful and satisfactory installation in your home in Mallorca.

Rocal recognizes the importance of sustainability and is committed to using firewood, an environmentally friendly and economical biomass fuel, in its products. Fuelwood not only reduces the greenhouse effect, but also contributes to clean forests.

At Flamogar, we are pleased to bring the innovation, design and quality of Rocal wood and gas stoves and fireplaces to our customers in Mallorca. With Rocal, you can enjoy efficient and aesthetically pleasing home heating, all with a touch of sustainability.