fireplaces and stoves ITALKERO in Majorca

Italian masters in gas heating solutions

At Flamogar, we are proud to offer Italkero gas stoves and fireplaces to our customers in Mallorca. This Italian company has perfected the art of domestic and industrial heating for almost half a century. Italkero combines innovative design, superior functionality and unmatched quality to ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every home.


Italian warmth, innovation and excellence in every detail.

History and legacy
Italkero, a company born in the city of Modena in the 1970s, began its journey producing kerosene radiators, hence its name. Since then, the company has grown and evolved to become a leader in the production of individual gas stoves. Currently, Italkero also markets cooling devices for industrial and zootechnical environments.

Innovation and products
Italkero’s product range is the widest in the world, including gas stoves for domestic and industrial use, balanced and forced flow radiators, and the outdoor line known for its famous outdoor mushrooms Bonò, Dolcevita, Spider and Torcia. Italkero has created a completely new product category: visible flame equipment thermopaths.

Presence and partnerships
Italkero has a significant presence throughout Italy and in numerous foreign markets on four continents. The company works in collaboration with important Italian and foreign groups for the production and marketing of its products, also with the private label formula.

Gas fireplaces: A specialty of Italkero
Italkero is the only producer of gas fireplaces in Italy. Italkero’s range of indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces is extensive and unique. These products are famous for their beauty, beating all international competition and bringing the Italian touch to homes all over the world, including Palma de Mallorca.

Looking to the future: energy transition and green targets
While Italkero remains focused on its current product range, it is also looking to the future and the energy transition that green targets are imposing on the industry. Italkero is ready to adapt and continue to provide high quality and efficient heating solutions.