Dru fireplaces and stoves in Mallorca

More than two centuries of innovation in fireplaces and stoves

At Flamogar, we are proud to be distributors of DRU in Palma de Mallorca. We believe in the quality, efficiency and beauty of your products, and we know our customers do too. Whether you choose a fireplace or a gas stove, with DRU you get a product that will provide warmth and atmosphere for years to come.

About DRU

From traditional craftsmanship to industry leadership

DRU is a company with deep roots, having brought fire into homes more than 250 years ago. It started as a foundry, producing strong and durable cookware, but with the passage of time and technological changes, DRU has evolved to become a market leader in the production and distribution of fireplaces and stoves.

Continuous adaptation to technological and environmental changes
Always at the forefront, DRU not only leads the market in the production of gas fireplaces and stoves, but also innovates in biogas, electricity and even hydrogen technologies. In this way, it manages to keep the fire alive in a sustainable way, creating warm and cozy environments.

Quality as a fundamental value
With a high degree of commitment to quality, efficiency and safety, DRU ensures that all its operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is reflected in its achievement of the A label for its entire product range, as well as its dedication to customer satisfaction.

A philosophy of continuous improvement
DRU is characterized by its constant desire to learn, improve and innovate. Through a critical and proactive attitude, the company continually seeks ways to optimize its products and services to make its customers’ lives more comfortable and satisfying.

DRU gas fireplaces in mallorca

Style and functionality

DRU gas fireplaces are a popular choice for those seeking a heating solution that combines aesthetics and efficiency. With its Eco Wave system, you can adjust the power of the burner without compromising the beauty of the flame. In addition, the Clear View glass option provides an unobstructed view of the flame, giving the feeling of having a true open fireplace.

DRU gas stoves in mallorca

Warmth and efficiency at your fingertips

DRU gas stoves are known for their high quality and reliability. They are an excellent choice for those looking for efficient and easy to use heating. Like all DRU products, these stoves are labeled A, which guarantees their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.