chimneys and trimline stoves in Mallorca

Ignite the spark of innovation in your home

Discover the unique charm of Trimline electric fireplaces. At Flamogar, we are proud to be distributors of a brand that combines innovation, quality and functionality to bring you not only a source of heat, but a centerpiece of design for your home. Trimline Fires fireplaces allow you to enjoy realistic flames and ambient lighting that is adaptable to your living space.


State-of-the-art heating with electric fireplaces

Born in 1974 in Hengelo, The Netherlands, Trimline Fires has left an indelible mark on the world of electric fireplaces. With over 40 years of experience and continuous development, they have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to adapt to changing market demands and remain at the forefront of technology and design.

As distributors of the brand in Flamogar, we are witnesses of its constant evolution and growth. Trimline’s electric fireplaces have transformed over the years, from the transition from gas to wood-burning fireplaces in the 1980s, to the rapid advancement in product innovations at the turn of the millennium.

Each Trimline electric fireplace is designed to fit almost anywhere in your home, expanding design possibilities and creating warm, inviting spaces. Its detailed and sophisticated control makes it easy and comfortable to use, which adds to its appeal.

Trimline Fires not only stands out for the high quality of its products, but also for its commitment to sustainability. The brand’s fireplaces are built to last a lifetime, reflecting its dedication to creating durable products and its long-term relationship with its customers.

But why opt for an electric fireplace? Trimline electric fireplaces offer a number of advantages that make them stand out from other heating options.

  1. Energy efficiency: Because they do not require combustion, electric fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient. Every unit of energy they consume is directly converted into heat, which means there is no energy waste.

  2. Easy installation: Unlike gas or wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not require an existing chimney or specialized flue. This makes them easier and cheaper to install.

  3. Safety: Electric fireplaces do not emit harmful gases and do not have an open flame, making them safe for children and pets. They also reduce the risk of fires in the home.

  4. Design versatility: Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs, from traditional to modern, making them suitable for any type of home décor.

  5. Temperature control: You can easily control the temperature of an electric fireplace with the touch of a button, which makes heating your home comfortable and convenient.

Ultimately, by choosing an electric fireplace from Trimline Fires, you are choosing a superior heating experience. Whether for its innovative design, high performance or exceptional comfort, a Trimline fireplace is a valuable investment for your home. At Flamogar, we are here to help you make the best decision for your heating and styling needs.