Repairs and Maintenance of Fireplaces and Stoves in Mallorca

Your comfort and safety are our priority

Our team of specialized technicians is dedicated to providing exceptional maintenance and repair service to all our clients. We take care of solving any problem that may arise, from a simple worn-out part to a more complicated issue that requires a deeper analysis and tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to minimize any interruption in your comfort and well-being by providing effective and lasting solutions that ensure the lifespan of your equipment.


We repair any breakdown to keep your equipment in perfect condition

worker repairing the electrical system of a modern fireplace in a Mallorca house

Our team of specialized technicians is highly trained to solve any problem that may arise in one of our equipment. Whether it’s a combustion efficiency issue, poor smoke extraction, or a malfunction in the electrical system, you can rely on us. Whether you need routine chimney sweeping, ventilation system repair, or part replacement, Flamogar is here to provide you with efficient and effective repair service.


We keep your equipment in optimal condition for maximum efficiency

worker performing maintenance on a fireplace in a Mallorca house

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of managing fireplaces and stoves. Good maintenance can improve efficiency, prolong the lifespan of equipment, and prevent costly repairs in the future. We conduct detailed inspections to identify and address any potential issues before they become a major failure. We also perform corrective maintenance, which includes chimney sweeping, duct cleaning, performance adjustments, and part replacement.

Need Repair or Maintenance?

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