fireplaces and scan stoves in Mallorca

Warmth and Beauty with Danish Design in Every Detail

At Flamogar, we are proud to offer Scan wood stoves, a seal of distinction in design, innovation and quality. Produced in Denmark and distributed by Flamogar in Palma de Mallorca, these stoves not only provide a source of heat but also add a touch of elegance to any home. Each Scan stove is more than a heat source, it is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics.

About Scan

Warmth and innovation with Danish design in wood-burning stoves

Origin and Commitment
Scan was founded in 1978 in the Danish city of Odense, with the vision of offering its customers the best wood-burning stoves on the market. Since their inception, they have placed particular emphasis on innovative design, the latest technologies and ease of use. This philosophy is reflected in every product that leaves their factory, where they have total control over the raw materials, the production process and the final product. This meticulous attention to detail is what allows them to guarantee their customers a positive experience for many, many years to come.

Danish Design
Scan is a proud ambassador of the rich Danish design tradition, characterized by minimalism, functionality and timeless aesthetics. Each Scan stove is designed by Danish experts, ensuring that each product maintains the desired spirit and expression. The result is a wood stove that is instantly recognizable by its clean, elegant lines, a testament to the unmistakable “made in Denmark” design.

Breaking Barriers in Design and Innovation
Scan not only respects tradition, but constantly challenges it. With a spirit of breaking barriers, its designers approach each project with the goal of creating something completely new. This courageous and pioneering attitude has enabled Scan to introduce innovative features such as sliding doors, 90° angled glass and glass handles on its stoves. Its ability to redefine what is possible has led Scan to receive international recognition and several design awards.

Details that Make a Difference
At Scan, every little detail counts. Their keen critical eye and spirit of constant improvement lead them to seek creative solutions and revolutionary techniques that make their customers’ lives easier. One example is the integration of the controls into the stove design, which ensures simple operation without compromising aesthetics.

The New Flame
At Scan, they firmly believe in the power of a perfect flame. Enjoying the warmth of a perfect flame behind the glass of the stove is a definite form of relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, their design process always aims to create the most beautiful flame and the best view of the fire.
Scan in the World: Scan is part of the Norwegian Jøtul AS group, one of the world’s largest wood stove manufacturers. Through this group, Scan products are sold all over the world, including Mallorca, where Flamogar is proud to be one of its distributors.