SPARTHERM fireplaces and stoves in Majorca

Spartherm wood stoves are synonymous with comfort, safety, sustainability and innovation.

At Flamogar, we understand the transformative power of fire and how it can turn an ordinary space into a welcoming and inviting place. Spartherm, as one of our leading brand partners, is distinguished by its innovative heating solutions, which combine operational comfort, highest quality standards and unique design. Focusing on quality and design, we offer Spartherm’s beautiful innovations to our customers in Mallorca.

About Spartherm

A legacy of excellence in wood stoves

Quality and Technology
As distributors of Spartherm, a brand with a tradition in the manufacture of wood stoves and a reputation for excellence, we are passionate about presenting fire in all its splendor. Each Spartherm collection is characterized by unquestionable quality and an unmistakable design that distinguishes it from others on the market. From the careful choice of materials to the perfect finish of each piece, Spartherm stoves are a testament to the dedication and artistry of the manufacturer.

Seamless Integration into Your Home
Spartherm stoves are not just an appliance, but an integral part of your home. They have been created in a variety of styles and designs, with different spaces and individual tastes in mind. Whether your home has large rooms or cozy spaces, Spartherm has developed a range of stoves and fireplaces for every situation. With its many variations and functions, each Spartherm product is perfectly suited to your needs and complements your décor, bringing the warmth and comfort of fire into your home.

Mission: Smart, Safe and Sustainable Stoves
Spartherm strives to develop stoves that not only keep you warm, but also integrate into your life in a safe and sustainable way. Every Spartherm product is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every part works perfectly and lasts for years.

Trend: A World of Smart, Digitized Fireplaces
The digital age has provided us with new ways to make the fire experience even more comfortable and safe. Spartherm is at the forefront of this change, using digital technologies to optimize the operation of its stacks. With the help of an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control and monitor your Spartherm stove from anywhere. This not only gives you full control of the combustion process, but also makes the experience safer and more enjoyable. With Spartherm, you not only get a fireplace, but also a modern and safe living experience.