Trimline Zircon

Zircon Trimline is our smallest freestanding fireplace. Unique in its class. Like small precious stones dazzling in their beauty. Rounded corners and open shapes give the fireplace a playful look. Create your own unique look. If you want to give it an original touch, add wooden blocks to the open bottom. The possibilities are endless. Dare to discover your unique fireplace.

This freestanding fireplace can also be installed in narrow walls. The standard version has a log burner bed and incandescent logs for an optimal flame experience and a lamella interior. Add to this that it comes with the Ecomax remote control and you have the option to include Wi-Fi control with our Trimline Fires app.

Anti-reflective glass: the best fireplace experience

Enjoy the real fireplace feeling thanks to the anti-reflective glass. There is nothing to separate you from the flames. Just an almost invisible layer of glass. This creates the ultimate fireplace experience. The fire glows as never before and the glass plate no longer acts as a mirror.

Fire within reach

The advantage of a gas fireplace is, of course, comfort. No problems with lighter blocks and wooden blocks, just “light and enjoy”. You can turn your fireplace on and off in different ways.

Let the flames dance on a beautiful burner bed

The way the flames dance in your new fireplace depends largely on the burner bed. Also called “fire bed”: the birthplace of warmth in your home. Both in terms of technology and design.


Trimline integrated gas fires are supplied as standard with the following features.


In addition to the aesthetic choices that represent its final design, we make no compromises in terms of technology. With this fireplace you can choose from the following options.



Frontal, One glass, Vertical, Interior

Technical data

Load (kW)
4,6 5,4
Max power (kW)
3,9 4,3
Min. power (kW)
2,9 2,8
Gas consumption (m³/h)/(kg/h LPG)
0,5 0,3
Yields* % Yields* % Yields* % Yields* % Yields
84 80
Energy label
Discharge diameter (mm)
100/150 100/150
Weight (kg)
65 65

*Better efficiency

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